About WTHS

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The establishment of this organisation and its needs:The earliest historical record of societal developments in the last few thousand years remains the inscriptions denoting the achievements of Tamil emperors, artists, etymological academics and warriors of our land…Our achievements depend on our hard work, our unity, our strength and willpower and our contribution towards our focus on our goals, which require proper direction and patriotism.

After careful consideration we can conclude that we follow the path of our great leaders and their strategical intuition. They were not only great leaders, but philanthropists. We can all remember our warriors of the 21st Century, revered through love, intuition and harmony.

We hope that Tamil people from all around the world can stand proudly together in promoting and protecting a language, culture and history which holds valuable, life shaping knowledge.

Tamil, which means “love and honey”, is the only language in the world which encompasses beauty and can be expressed through dance and drama, as well as poetry and oratorical discussion.

Wherever we migrate to we take our tradition and culture with us. Our culture plays an important role for the wellbeing of our society and we should sacrifice ourselves for the development of those who have been affected by the war back home.

Development includes the necessary infrastructure for proper education and health, agriculture and the environment. Strictly speaking, these all fall within personal and technological developments which we promote.

The World Tamils Historical Society is no doubt ready to provide the necessary support to those who are very anxious to learn and develop, through modern technology.

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